Topic list - Bioenergetics

  1. Coupled reactions in the metabolism. Group transfer potential.
  2. The phosphoryl transfer and ATP. Role of high energy phosphates in the intermediary metabolism.
  3. Formation of acetyl-CoA from pyruvate. The pyruvate dehydrogenase complex and its regulation.
  4. Reactions of the citric acid cycle. Enzymes and coenzymes.
  5. Localization, regulation and significance of the citric acid cycle.
  6. Glycolysis – 1st phase.
  7. Glycolysis – 2nd phase.
  8. Mitochondrial membranes and their permeability. Mitochondrial transporter systems.
  9. The respiratory chain: components, organization, function, inhibitors.
  10. Respiratory control, P/O ratio, uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation.
  11. Mitochondrial ATPase (FoF1-ATP-ase): structure, function, inhibitors. Mechanism of oxidative phosphorylation. The chemiosmotic hypothesis.
  12. Oxidoreductases – classification, general characteristics. Redox cycles of NAD, NADP, FAD and glutathione.
  13. Mitochondrial transport of reducing equivalents. Energetics of aerobic and anaerobic glucose breakdown.