Student reseach topics

  • Principal investigator: Dr Kraszimir Kolev MD, PhD, DSc
  • Principal investigator: Prof László Tretter MD, PhD, DSc
    • The bioenergetics of central nervous system
    • Biochemical pathways resulting in neurodegeneration
    • The functions of mitochondria in the cells of the central nervous system
  • Principal investigator: Dr Christos Chinopoulos  MD, PhD
    • Advanced mitochondriology
  • Principal investigator: Dr László Csanády  MD, PhD
    • Structure/function of the CFTR chloride ion channel
    • Structure/function of the TRPM2 cation channel
  • Principal investigator: Dr Attila Ambrus MSc,  PhD
    • Molecular mechanism of reactive oxygen species (ROS) generation by the α-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex.
    • Molecular level organization of multienzyme complexes with emphasis on dehydrogenase complexes.
  • Principal investigator: Dr Judit Bak PhD
    • Roles of pyridine nucleotide metabolites (cADPR, NAADP, ADPR) in mitochondria



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