Requirements of Biochemistry II. for 3rd year students of Pharmacy in 2013/14.  fall semester

Prerequisites of registration for Biochemistry II course or exemption:


Prerequisites are: successful examination of Biochemistry I and Organic Chemistry II of this Faculty. In case the student studied earlier in another faculty or another university, we must compare the topic list of Biochemistry studied there and taught here to decide the similarity. It is possible that we ask examination to prove the knowledge of Biochemistry I in September to give exemption.
To give exemption from both semesters of the Biochemistry course the student must provide us with the topic list of the previous course.


Text book, source of the material to study: The lecture material with students’ lecture notes are adequate for the midterm and final exams.

Official book: Berg-Tymoczko-Stryer: Biochemistry,  7th edition
Practice description: on the home page of the institute
Berg-Tymoczko-Stryer: Biochemistry, 7th edition

Midterm exams: Two midterm exams can be written in the end of the practices (in one hour) on the 7th and the 11th week. Material of the 1st midterm: 1-5. week lecture material (metabolic integration, blood coagulation, signal transduction, neurochemistry) 1-1 theoretical  plus 1 practice question (description of 1-3. practice). Material of the 2nd midterm 6-10. week lecture material (nucleic acids, molecular biology) plus 1 practice question from the 4-5. practice. The lecturers correct the theoretical questions while the practice teacher corrects the practice question.

Requirements of the signature:  No more than two absences (because of any reason) are allowed from the practice and no more than 3 absences from the lectures. We do not require any documentation.

Final exam: The written final exam is similar to the midterm exams; assay questions, pathways with formulas, problem solving (not calculation). Students must answer 5 questions in 2 hours. Two questions will be asked from each semester and one practice question will also be asked; each question is estimated a maximum of 10 points. Evaluation:

0-19 failure
20-26 passing
27-34 fair
35-42 good
43-50 excellent

In case a student collects at least 35 points in any one of or both of the midterm(s), the 3rd and/or the 4th questions need not be answered in the final exam and the mark of the midterm exam multiplied by two will be accepted as the number of points for that particular question (8 or 10 points in case of a midterm mark of 4 or 5, respectively). This advantage is valid in the examination period of 2013/14 academic  year and will be cancelled in case of a postponed exam in the next semester (CV) and in a repeated semester in the next year (FM).

Registration and modification of the date of an exam in the Neptun system is possible not less than 48 hours before the launch of the exam. Absence from the exam can be accepted and the name will be cancelled from the list if official, e.g. medical justification is presented.

After the final exam the students have an opportunity to look at their tests and ask questions regarding the results and the corrections. These questions are answered by the tutor or by the teacher who corrects the question. The tests are not allowed to be copied or to be taken a photo of or in any other way to be taken away by the students.

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