Topic list - Practical Questions

  1. Amino acids and proteins I. Reversible and irreversible precipitation of proteins, precipitation of casein at isolectric point.
  2. Amino acids and proteins II. Quantitative colorimetric determination of proteins (biuret method, Ellmann reaction).
  3. Experimental determination of enzyme kinetic parameters of urease.
  4. Inhibition of urease activity by substrate analogues and -SH reagents.
  5. Separation by gel-filtration.
  6. Separation by paper- and thin-layer chromatography.
  7. Separation and identification of proteins by gel-electrophoresis and immunoblotting.
  8. Competitive inhibition of succinate dehydrogenase by malonate
  9. Mitochondrial oxidation I.: Experimental conditions for determination of oxygen consumption by intact mitochondria. Definition and experimental measurement of P/O ratio.
  10. Mitochondrial oxidation II.: Please draw the curve of mitochondrial oxygen consumption after consecutive addition of glutamate/malate – ADP – atractylozide – DNP – oligomycin – CN-. Explain the curves briefly.
  11. Differential regulatory mechanisms of behaviour of L- and M-type isoenzymes of pyruvate kinase: effect of allosteric ligands on activity
  12. Digestion of lipids, determination of lipase activity
  13. Plasma lipoproteins and lipid determination of plasma cholesterol and triglyceride level
  14. Isolation of trypsin by affinity chromatography. Characterization of the substrate specificity of trypsin and chymotrypsin.
  15. The isoenzyme distribution of lactate dehydrogenase.
  16. Transaminase enzyme activities. Determination of creatine-kinase enzyme activity in serum.
  17. Bioinformatics (computer skills).
  18. Determination of blood glucose level. Determination of glycosylated hemoglobin.
  19. The K+,Na+ ATP-ase acitivity.
  20. The experimental models of blood coagulation: the prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time
  21. Fibrin polymerization and stabilization, thrombin-antithrombin inactivation
  22. The investigation of microsomal drogmetabolism.