Midterm examination

Two midterm exams are held (7th and 12th week) for all classes

First midterm examination: March 21, 2013
Second midterm examination: May 2, 2013
Retake: May 13, 2013

Topics for the 1st midterm examination
lectures of first six weeks (February 04 - March 13) + seminars acute and chronic liver disease and metabolism of exercise.

First midterm examination

Topics for the 2nd midterm examination
lectures of the period ( March 20 – Apr 26) + seminars: haemostatic abnormalities, cystic fibrosis

Second midterm examination

No opportunity for the retake of failed midterm exams is given. Students who are ill at the time of the midterms can compensate the absence on the 13 of May at the Szent-Györgyi Albert Lecture Hall after presenting medical certificate.

Deadline for the presentation of the medical certificate
first midterm exam: Apr 05
second midterm exam: May 09
These medical certificates are accepted by Mr. Zsolt Ozsváth, at our Students' Affairs Office, Budapest IX., Tűzoltó utca 37-47, H-1094 1st floor, passage "C" room# 1.508 Phone: +36-1-4591500#60061. +36-20-6660061

25 multiple choice type questions and 2 biochemistry problem sets  (panels) are asked. Students may obtain 1 score for each correctly solved multiple choice questions, and the both problem sets are graded by your laboratory teachers (grades: 1-5).
We calculate the sum of your scores and grades of your midterm examination and the tests are graded by the proposed limits of the table below.
Proposed limits for the marks of midterm are
Sum of the grades and scores Grade of the midterm examination
0-18 1 fail
19-22 2 pass
23-26 3 satisfactory
27-30 4 good
31-35 5 excellent

The grade for the midterm exam is 1 (fail), if (i) the sum of the scores and the grades is 18, or less, (ii) each of the problems are graded by 1.

The midterm examinations are evaluated with grades 1 (fail) up to 5 (excellent).


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