Laboratory examination (14th week)

'L' test - Laboratory exam held on the 14th week

Date: 9-13 Dec, 2013, Laboratory rooms of the Department

Material: the topics of  the laboratory lessons of the fall semester (2013-2014academic year) according to the list

'L' test: We ask to answer the L test in 15 Min on the last laboratory lesson. This L exam of the last week  of our teaching program is facultative.

Evaluation: the tests are evaluated by 2 or 1 point/s or they are not accepted (NA).


If you pass our 'L' test (laboratory exam), your semifinal exam consists only the 'T' test  (theoretical written test). If your 'L' test is not accepted (0), you have to pass the both parts – 'L' and 'T' test in December or in January..


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