Exemption from final examination

Those students who would like to be being exempted from taking the Medical Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology III course on the basis of their precious studies are kindly asked to present their documents to the course coordinator - dr. István Léránt. (Course coordinator's office is room 1.508, +36-1-4591500#60061)
The deadline of this application is the 25th of February 2013.
Students with the proper academic backgournd are entitled to sit for a chcking examination. in the case of successful examination the exemption will be granted by the Department. The date of exam can be fixed by the course coordinator and the most likely date will be the first week of March.

General conditions of exemptions from examinations

  • Exemption may be given only if students pass an exemption examination
  • Prerequisite of participating in the exemption exam: previous studies and successful examinations in the subjects Chemistry (semifinal exam) and Biochemistry (final exam)
  • Documents to be attached on the previous studies:
    • a transcript from the former University, containing the name of courses taken in Chemistry/Biochemistry, examination grades and a copy of your final BSc or MSc diploma (if you have)
    • a topic list of general and organic Chemistry (for semifinal)
    • a topic list  of Biochemistry (bioenergetic, metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, nucleotides, biochemistry of tissues, neurobiochemistry, signal transduction, haemostasis and/or molecular biology (macromolecules) (for final exam)
    • Electronic forms sent via emails or URL addresses will not be accepted.
  • the indication of the used textbook(s) is also recommended
  • Examinations in Chemistry
  • Examinations in Biochemistry will be organized by our examination committee
  • The exemption examinations take place on the 5th or 6th week of the semester; the deadline to present your documents is the end of the 3rd week (in September and February, respectively).
  • In case of unsuccessful exemption examination there are not any negative consequences. You have to attend practicals throughout the semester and sit for the regular examination at the end of the semester like the rest of students.

dr. Gergely Keszler

dr. István Léránt

teaching secretary of 1st year program in Chemistry and Biochemistry I.

teaching secretary of 2nd year program in Biochemistry II-III


mailto: lerant.istvan@med.semmelweis-univ.hu