Our department was established in 1871 as the Department of Physiological Pathological Chemistry at the Medical Faculty of the Royal Hungarian University in Budapest. It was reestablished by Albert Szent-Györgyi in 1945.

Our profile

Teaching of medical chemistry and medical biochemistry to medical undergraduate students and biochemistry to pharmaceutical undergraduate students. Neurochemistry to Ph.D. students and research in neurobiochemistry, molecular basis of haemostasis and apotosis.


The department has 16 full-time teachers teaching 720 students. Lectures are given in chemistry and biochemistry in the first and second year at the Faculty of Medicine in Hungarian and in English, at the Faculty of dentistry in English, and at the Faculty of Pharmacy biochemistry is taught in English and in Hungarian.

The teachers also take part in Ph.D. training, giving courses and supervising the scientific activity of Ph.D. students.

Prof. Veronika Ádám M.D., D.Sc.
Head, Department of Medical Biochemistry